About Nav-CARE

Nav-CARE’s specially-trained volunteers help improve the lives of people living with declining health by creating connections to community services and resources and providing caring, consistent emotional support.
Nav-CARE’s approach to connection and support for adults living with declining health is evidence based and built on research led by Dr. Barb Pesut, Principal Research Chair in Palliative and End ofLife Care at UBC and Dr. Wendy Duggleby, Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life, at the University of Alberta.

Making Connections, Making a Difference

If you are living with an illness that isolates and overwhelms you at times, you aren’t alone.
According to a survey*, one in five seniors say they experience emotional distress and have difficulty coping day to day. Many feel they aren’t getting the support they need to live happier, more fulfilling lives.
Nav-CARE is a free program designed to address these needs. Specially trained volunteers, with connections to professional health care providers, work with you to access resources and services in your community while providing companionship and emotional support. Like a helpful neighbour or friend, Nav-CARE volunteers visit you in your home on a regular basis with a focus on enhancing your quality of life.
*Canadian Institute for Health analysis based on Commonwealth Fund 2016 survey of seniors in 11 countries.
“You know someone’s coming by, checking up on you, giving you a sense of community … it’s nice to know that there’s somebody there who can help you out when you need it.”
“…we talked about what I felt I needed to talk about. The visits fit my needs each time…”

Nav-CARE volunteers can help.

  • Relieve feelings of loneliness, isolation and anxiety.
  • Someone to talk through important decisions and future plans.
  • Connection to community.
  • Locating local services and resources to help manage your illness.
  • Assist to re-engage in hobbies and other interests.
  • One on one relationships tailored to your specific needs.
  • Nav-CARE complements existing healthcare services, not detracting from or duplicating existing services.

Nav-CARE – Navigation: Caring, Accessing Resourcing, Engaging.

To learn more visit navcare@hospicesocietycv.com
Connect with a Nav-CARE volunteer in your community by contacting the following community agency:
Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley
Frater Landing, 103, 929-7th Avenue,
PO Box 925, Invermere, BC
Nav-CARE Coordinator – Penny Davison

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