Move it for Hospice – Thank You!

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The Hospice Society’s Board of Directors, the volunteers, and all the staff involved in bringing Hospice Week to the Valley and beyond, wish to thank everyone for supporting the organization.

85 participants registered in the Move it for Hospice event and together recorded over 4,000 kilometres in activities. Let’s achieve the goal of 11,000 km next year!

Many hours went into planning Hospice Week and it could not have happened without the commitment and dedication all of those who graciously volunteered their time.

The Art Silent Auction Sale was made possible through donations from local artists. A huge thank to Vickie Walmsley for asking them to support the Hospice. Our appreciation goes to:

  • Sebastien Bell
  • Lori Fontaine
  • Susan Moore
  • Victoria Page
  • Vic Panei
  • Pat Roome
  • Elizabeth Stuart
  • Patrick Yesh
  • Dik Welmsley
  • Vickie Welmsley

All proceeds from the auction will go towards the Hospice services and programs

A sincere appreciation to Gary Murphy as he generously donated 4 hours of his time on Saturday, June 27th to play the guitar at Frater Landing. People thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance created by the music and many asked if music would be available throughout the summer.

We sincerely thank Century 21 and BMO for sponsoring the event.

And, to all of those that worked behind the scenes. THANK YOU! Let’s Keep Moving.

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